We promise you can go as far as you want and as fast as you want with us.

As a fast growing company, there are no limits to how high you can climb. We provide leadership training to every employee throughout their career with us, ensuring there is nothing holding you back. We are proud that nearly all of our management team came from entry level positions. Juicy! is more than a restaurant for us, we hope it can be for you too.

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Paths to Growth

In-Store Leadership

With four tiers of leadership at each location, there are always opportunities for our best leaders to grow with us.

Path to Corporate Position

Our multiple locations are backed up by a growing corporate team, as positions open we offer them to in-store staff first.

Path to Owner/Operator

We have several paths to owner/operator positions, including profit share arrangements and franchisee positions.

Working at Juicy!

We are constantly seeking people who believe in our values and want to create a fun experience for our guests.

The Juicy! Community


Our community initiatives focus both inside and outside our Juicy! locations.

Inside the restaurant, we give all team members access to skill-based and leadership training, prepping them for successful careers with or without Juicy!

Outside the restaurant, our fundraising program is designed to give schools, sports teams and non-profits a fun, easy way to raise money.

Interested in hosting a fundraiser at Juicy! - email us at